Build your own AutoRally Platform

The AutoRally platform is designed to be constructed by a small team of undergraduate or graduate students with engineering or computer science backgrounds. A complete platform comprised of a chassis and Mini-ITX compute box can be constructed and configured in about 100 hours.

Documentation is separated into a few parts, all of which are contained in two GitHub repositories along with all supplemental files.

  • Platform build instructions
    • Chassis instructions and supporting materials
    • Mini-ITX compute box instructions and supporting materials
    • Complete parts list
    • Files for 3D printing and fabrication
    • Operating Procedures
  • Code and software tutorials
    • Platform configuration instructions to configure a completed platform
    • Core software to run the platform
    • State estimator built with GTSAM that fuses GPS and IMU measurements
    • GPS waypoint steering controller and constant velocity throttle controller
    • Gazebo-based simulation environment with vehicle model